Best Practices

Stories related to the Alabama’s Best Practices Program

Two Women, Two Lifetimes of Caring for Others

The year is 1961. John Kennedy is sworn in as President. Alan Shepherd is the first American in space. Wagon Train is the number one show on television. And 21 year old Fran Howell begins her career as a licensed practical nurse in long-term care. […]

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Photo Gallery: Alabama’s Best Practices 2015

More than 400 nursing home employees and residents attended Alabama’s Best Practices 2015. The event featured presentations from seven nursing homes, and 71 nursing homes employees were honored for a combined 1,102 years of service in long term care. […]

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Love of Art Brings Two Sets of Seniors Together

You might think that high school seniors and the “senior” residents of a nursing home wouldn’t have much in common. Well you would be wrong. In Auburn it’s a love of art that brings together some residents of Oak Park Nursing Home and senior art students from Lee Scott Academy for what they call “Senior [...]

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Club Provides Social Outlet for Men Living in Nursing Home

You know the meaning of the old saying “boys will be boys.” The desire boys have to develop friendships with each other doesn’t fade when they become men. This is why a northwest Alabama nursing home created a unique club to meet the social needs for its male residents and develop a strong bond with [...]

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