You know the meaning of the old saying “boys will be boys.” The desire boys have to develop friendships with each other doesn’t fade when they become men.

This is why a northwest Alabama nursing home created a unique club to meet the social needs for its male residents and develop a strong bond with the community.

Several years ago, Generations of Red Bay formed the Rooster Club. It meets once a month when men from the community join men living at the nursing home for breakfast.

The Rooster Club at Generations of Red Bay.

The Rooster Club at Generations of Red Bay.

“A lot of the men who come from the community have had family members live at the facility and they continue to visit,” Generations of Red Bay Administrator Pam Poole said. “They talk about events, things that they’ve been doing over the past month. Our male residents know a lot of the men who come in from the community and that keeps them updated on things that are happening around town.”

Involving men from the community meets the goal of creating awareness about what the skilled nursing care center offers. The men living in the nursing home benefit from having an event tailored to their wants and needs.

“It’s something they look forward to because we put it on the calendar and some of them don’t hesitate to ask several times during the month what time the Rooster Club will meet,” Poole said. “They get excited about it and I think they get excited about the staff that is in there and having that one-on-one socialization with them. Where women will get involved in a lot of nursing home activities, men don’t. I think it is important to have things geared towards the male population and get them involved.”

Staff places plates, cups and other decorations adorned with roosters on the tables and serves the food family style. The meal is relaxed and often features special items such as pancakes or homemade muffins.

Because of this success, Generations of Red Bay will present “Rooster Club” at Alabama’s Best Practices on August 27, 2015, in Birmingham.

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