Bill O’Connor, President & CEO

Mr. O’Connor works with the board, membership and staff in developing, managing and delivering ANHA’s programs and services for member nursing homes. He also represents the Association at the national level as liaison to the American Health Care Association.

Jackie Ayers, Director of Governmental Relations

Mr. Ayers coordinates all state legislative activities for ANHA. He represents the Association and its members at the state level, promoting positive long term care legislation and opposing any bills detrimental to Alabama’s long term care industry. He regularly meets with state representatives and state senators on behalf of ANHA to discuss and solve long term care issues.

Katrina Magdon, Director of Professional Development and Regulatory Affairs

Ms. Magdon analyzes and reports Medicaid reimbursement policy changes, nursing home survey issues, certification and licensure issues and conducts research on a variety of health policy and long term care regulatory issues. She serves as liaison to state and local agencies such as the State Ombudsman, Commission on Aging, Alabama Medicaid Agency, OBRA Screening Office, EDS, and the State Health Planning & Development Agency. Ms. Magdon also coordinates the ANHA Education Committee, ANHA Facility Standards Committee and the ANHA Assisted Living Task Force.

John Matson, Director of Communications

Mr. Matson coordinates the communications and media relations activities for ANHA. He works with members of the media to tell the story of positive events taking place in Alabama’s nursing homes. He also meets with various organizations and state agencies to represent the view point of the long-term care profession. Mr. Matson is the staff liaison to the Convention and Public Relations committees.

Kerri Parker, Membership Services Manager

Ms. Parker answers all incoming calls and directs them to the appropriate ANHA department. She coordinates all mailings for ANHA, processes Trade Show information and Associate Member applications, and conducts yearly membership updates of information. Mrs. Parker also maintains the ANHA product inventory for the membership and serves as general office assistant to all department heads.

Pat Williams, Business Manager

Ms. Williams serves as bookkeeper for ANHA. She manages the accounts payable and receivable, information about member facility dues, payments for seminars and conventions, and she handles credit and refund issues. Ms. Williams efficiently maintains all ANHA financial reports and coordinates financials for CareComp, ANHA’s workers compensation fund, and the ANHA Foundation.