Sometimes, patients need a little extra encouragement to stick with their treatments. Roanoke Rehab & HealthCare Center offers an incentive to its patients and their family members to keep working towards better health.

Each person admitted to the skilled nursing care center is assessed to determine if he or she has wounds, also known as pressure ulcers. These wounds are painful, difficult to treat and often lead to other health problems. Treatment is a time-consuming, multi-step process that requires cooperation from the patient. To encourage the patient to put their best foot forward, those with five or more wounds enter a program that will reward them and their family with a “Celebration of Healing” after all the wounds heal.

The process begins with a physician and wound treatment nurse devising a treatment plan. All the patient’s nurses and certified nursing assistants receive instructions on how to administer the treatment program. The patient’s progress is assessed weekly. The physician orders new treatments if there is no improvement after two weeks. This approach keeps the patient, nurses and physician in constant communication.

When all the wounds heal, the center plans a “Celebration of Healing.” The patient chooses the food that will be served and invites their family to attend. Nursing home residents and staff members attend to help mark the special day and the patient’s improved health and quality of life. Often, the resident and a member of their family will speak to the group and share their experience of regaining their health.

Roanoke Rehab & HealthCare Center will present “Celebration of Healing” at Alabama’s Best Practices February 13 in Birmingham.

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