Albertville Health & Rehab has joined an elite group of nursing homes after earning a perfect score on its annual inspection.

Over the course of three days, inspectors from the Alabama Department of Public Health reviewed every aspect of the care provided at the 159-bed skilled nursing care center. The inspectors declared the center to be “deficiency free,” which means it met all of the federal government’s guidelines for nursing homes.

Albertville Health & Rehab Administrator Mary Meeks, who says “no stone is left unturned” during the inspection, discusses some of the more than 140 items the inspectors look for during the review.

“The team arrived and immediately went to the kitchen to look for proper sanitation and food storage,” Meeks stated. “Next, they divided up, walked each hallway and spoke to every resident. They accompanied nurses as they administered medicine and observed nurses checking residents’ blood sugar to make sure the test was administered properly and that the equipment was sanitized after each use. They inspected our infection control isolation rooms and isolation practices. The also audited the medical charts of our residents and those who have been discharged. On the quality of life side, the team held a resident council meeting and gave each resident an opportunity to voice concerns. They observed resident activities and made sure we met each individual’s needs. Inspectors even spoke to family members of our residents to hear their concerns.”

While the inspection can be stressful, Meeks says it helps to remember nursing home staff members and the government inspectors have the same goal.

“We all want to make sure nursing home residents receive high quality medical care and live a fulfilling life,” Meeks said. “My staff members go above and beyond and want to do their best every day. The inspection team takes an in-depth look at every person and process in our building to verify, basically, that we’re doing everything the correct way.”

Meeks points out that achieving a perfect score on the inspection is part of a continuous process of training and educating staff members. The center’s corporate office, Schmidt Wallace Health Care Management Company, helps staff members identify areas where they can improve.

“Because our staff members are well trained and do their best every day, they’re able to carry on their duties and aren’t nervous when an inspector is watching them,” Meeks said. “I’m very proud of the staff and applaud them for their teamwork. We’re able to provide the quality medical care our residents and patients need because our staff truly works as a team.”