Across our nation, skilled nursing care centers create a unique spirit and community for residents and staff alike.

Visit one of these nursing centers in your town or city, and you will witness the American spirit in action. Stories from proud veterans, immigrants and hardworking people of different faiths fill the walls of each center every day. This tapestry of cultures and experiences capture the essence of our proud country.

This unique sense of community is what lead the American Health Care Association to select “Spirit of America” as the theme for National Nursing Home Week 2017.

The nation will salute skilled nursing care centers and the role they embrace in society during National Nursing Home Week which begins on Mother’s Day, May 14, and ends May 20, 2017.

Established in 1967 by the American Health Care Association, National Nursing Home Week publicly honors the indomitable spirit of residents and staff who face each day with a sense of purpose and compassion.

The Alabama Nursing Home Association encourages you to visit and see the vibrant life lived inside its member skilled nursing care centers.

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