By Stacy Smith

Born and raised in Missouri, Ms. Haleyville Health & Rehab Christine Arnold lived in four states including Indiana, Florida and Michigan before settling in Alabama.

Passionate for life, Arnold loves staying up late, listening to music and going to bed at whatever hour she pleases.

“I have laughed more while being in the nursing home than I have laughed during my entire life. We laugh at who gets their hair done first. We are always having a good time at Haleyville Health & Rehab,” said Ms. Arnold.

She enjoys parties and entertainment, and enjoys decorating places for special occasions and birthday parties. Her hobbies are sewing, dancing, and solving puzzle books.

“Ms. Arnold is one of the most reliable and helpful residents. She makes the nursing home a better place for us all,” said Anita Harrison, Activity Director of Haleyville Health and Rehab.

“Ms. Arnold always has a smile on her face, even when she doesn’t feel good,” said Harrison.

“I was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago. I knew then after my therapy stay of 21 days at Haleyville Health & Rehab that this would be the place I would go if I ever needed long-term care. Now, in this year since I have moved into Haleyville Health & Rehab, I have become more passionate towards the needs of the elderly who can no longer care for themselves,” said Arnold.

The 69-year-old also has become an avid bingo player while at the nursing home. For residents who need assistance, she helps them play their bingo boards.

“I loved going to casinos. Black Jack is one of my favorite games,” said Arnold. She plays games on her iPad as well as listens to her music from there.

She enjoys going out to eat with her family, but always returns in time for the activities at Haleyville Health & Rehab.

During her working years, she had a variety of jobs including working in a factory, as a truck driver and as a machine operator. Now, she enjoys helpings others keep their game face on, while she also plays in the various activities and games at the nursing home.

Editor’s note: This is the sixth story in a 10-part series about the finalists for the 2018 Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant. On July 24, we’ll post a story about Ms. Keller Landing Shelby Hill.

Stacy Smith, APR, is a freelance writer based in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant is July 30. Click here for more information.