Future Leader: Following in his family’s footsteps

Third generation nursing home administrator Blake Jackson has been selected by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) as a future leader in long-term care. Jackson is part of the 2017-2018 Future Leaders class which includes 38 long-term care professionals from across the country. The group recently met in Washington, D.C. for a three-day training session.

Left to right: AHCA Chairman Tom Coble and Blake Jackson.

Left to right: AHCA Chairman Tom Coble and Blake Jackson.

“I’m honored to be a Future Leader,” said Jackson, who is assistant administrator at Heritage Health Care & Rehab in Tuscaloosa. “It was encouraging to learn how our national association works and is able to influence legislation in Congress.”

AHCA’s Future Leaders program is a year-long program that offers training and guidance for long term and post-acute care professionals. The training session in Washington, D.C. covered leaderships skills, strategic planning and visits to Congressional offices on Capitol Hill.

“It was a very educational three days, and I learned a lot of new concepts I can apply to my daily work,” Jackson said. “The instructors really targeted the personal side of leadership. They want us to progress as individuals over the course of the year. By growing as a person, we should be stronger leaders in our nursing homes and become more involved in state and national issues that affect our profession.”

Over the next 12 months, the class will complete reading assignments and discuss what they learned on quarterly conference calls. Each class member also sets personal and professional goals. The group will hold each other accountable and assess their progress throughout the year.

“Being able to network with my peers from other states is a great benefit,” Jackson said. “I formed relationships with the other Future Leaders and now we’re communicating and broadening our horizons. I’ve learned about things happening in other states that haven’t necessarily arrived in Alabama which will keep me ahead of the game.”

Jackson represents region eight on the Alabama Nursing Home Association Board of Directors. His father, Eddie, was recently elected Vice-Chairman of the ANHA board for 2018. His grandfather, Rev. George Jackson, also served on the board and is the oldest active nursing home administrator in Alabama.

AHCA Future Leaders for 2017-2018.

AHCA Future Leaders for 2017-2018.

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