Betty Tucker was an active wife, mother and professional most of her adult life. However, the 85-year-old Birmingham native moved to Shelby Ridge Rehab Select nine months ago because things started to change.

“Living here at Shelby Ridge has really helped me realize that it is okay to ask for help,” Ms. Tucker explained. “I realize I’m not as young as I used to be, and it’s nice having people around to help with daily tasks.”

Now that her needs are being met by the staff of the skilled nursing care center, Ms. Tucker is able to participate in activities such as bingo and weekly Bible studies. She loves to socialize and enjoys talking to all of the people who live, work and volunteer at Shelby Ridge.

“The nursing home has helped me stay active. I believe getting out and doing things are good for the mind and body. If someone was to ask me if the nursing home has helped me, I would say it has helped me a lot!”

Ms. Tucker’s active role in the life of her nursing home and her genuine concern for others has made an impression on Shelby Ridge’s staff. In fact, she’s made such a big impression that she was selected to represent her center as Ms. Shelby Ridge Rehab Select, and went on to be selected as a top 10 finalist for the 2016 Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant.

“Ms. Tucker is spunky, smart, quick witted and always smiling” Shelby Ridge Rehab Select Activity Director Judy Brown said. “She’s a friend to all and loves talking with everybody at the nursing home.”

On a personal note, Ms. Tucker and her husband Eric were married for 57 years. She has one son, three grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Professionally, Ms. Tucker began working at Sears when she was 18 years old. Over the course of her 43-year career, she set up displays, worked in accounting and even operated the switchboard. When her working days were over, she became president of the Sears Retiree Club.

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Editor’s note: This is the final story in a 10-part series about the top 10 finalists for the 2016 Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant. Check back July 25 when we’ll announce the winner.