An Alabama nursing home resident’s story of healing and a renewed sense of purpose was the featured video at the American Health Care Association’s 69th Annual Convention in San Diego, California.

The video features Sylvia Holland, a resident of Woodhaven Manor in Demopolis. In the video Holland and two of her children explain how her health declined while she was living by herself. Eventually she moved to the nursing home and the family was not hopeful for her future. Once at Woodhaven Manor, the physician and nurses diagnosed Holland as having a sodium deficiency. The prescribed treatments restored her health and motivated her to give back to others.

The crowd of more than 2,500 people watching the video in a San Diego convention hall clapped and cheered when the video showed Ms. Holland being crowned Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2015.

After the video AHCA Chair Michael Wylie told the crowd that everyone in attendance “serves their own Sylvia Holland.”

Staff members and residents of Woodhaven Manor are featured in the video. The video was shot on location in Demopolis over two days in June 2018.

AHCA Senior Director of Public Affairs Abigail Barreto produced the video. Brian Morrison was the videographer.