Twenty-four nursing homes from across Alabama have been nominated for the 2014 Alabama’s Best Practices Program.

The nominated nursing homes have developed innovative ways to improve the quality of care or quality of life for nursing home residents. Each nomination will be evaluated by a panel of health care professionals using 11 specific judging criteria.

The top eight nursing homes will present their best practices at Alabama’s Best Practices Program. The remaining nursing homes will display their best practices in a special exhibit hall.

The 21st annual Alabama’s Best Practices Program will be held August 28, 2014, at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center in Birmingham.

Facilities nominated for Alabama’s Best Practices 2014:

Alabama’s Best Practices was created in 1994 by the Alabama Nursing Home Association in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Public Health. Over the years, the concepts shared have touched and improved the lives of thousands of Alabama’s nursing home residents. Alabama was the third state in the nation to implement a best practices program, behind only New York and California.

Stay tuned…we’ll post information about the nursing homes selected to present at Alabama’s Best Practices after judging is complete.

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