Alabama’s nursing homes are caring for an increasing number of middle aged adults. These individuals have different social and relationship needs than elderly nursing home residents. Marshall Manor Nursing Home in Guntersville is using “Friday Free for All” to successfully meets the needs of middle age adults.

Each Friday afternoon, a group of 10 or so nursing home residents age 40-65 gather in Marshall Manor’s Community Activity Room. The activities are as diverse as the people participating. One week a resident may lead a cooking class with participants baking and bagging cookies for the Guntersville Police Department. Another week will bring a karaoke contest and “mocktails” to replicate a night club setting. Sometimes it’s as simple as playing cards and sipping non-alcoholic beer. Game nights are popular because prizes are awarded to the winners.

“Friday Free for All” focuses on the seventh stage of Erickson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development. The theory proposes that when people reach middle age they either continue to advance or become stagnant. People who continue to advance are more productive and satisfied while those who become stagnant and disconnected. Marshall Manor uses “Friday Free for All” to promote social interaction which leads to more quality relationships among residents age 40-65. It also encourages personal growth by giving these individuals a way to contribute to society and pass along their unique knowledge and skills.

Marshall Manor Nursing Home will present “Friday Free for All” at Alabama’s Best Practices February 13 in Birmingham.

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