Simple and inexpensive changes helped Albertville Nursing Home & Rehab Select triple resident participation in activities in only nine months. That tremendous success is why the nursing home is a presenter for Alabama’s Best Practices 2017 with “Change Ahead: Activities Re-Enhanced.”

Faced with declining participation in activities and less camaraderie among residents, staff members changed the nursing home’s approach to activities. Their plan had three goals: increase participation, bring outside experiences in and encourage residents to develop relationships with each other.

To increase participation and build relationships, the facility began an “Each One Reach One” program to encourage residents to invite their roommates and neighbors to activities. Allowing residents to suggest new activities increased buy-in and drove more participation. Two different approaches were used to bring outside experiences into the nursing home. First, Armchair Travels invites community members to show their personal vacation photos and videos from around the world. After each presentation, residents sample food from that region of the world. Second, unique guest speakers are brought in on a regular basis. Some of the guest speakers were a professional pilot, Aubie the Tiger, a former University of Alabama football player, Ronald McDonald and an Elvis impersonator.

When the program began in April 2015, Albertville Nursing Home & Rehab Select averaged 11 residents participating in activities daily. There were three participants in the men’s Rooster Club, and 12 women in the Red Hatters. After nine months, the center averages 35 residents participating in activities daily with up to 48 residents on some days. There are eight members of the Rooster Club and 29 Red Hatters.

Albertville Nursing Home & Rehab Select will present “Change Ahead: Activities Re-Enhanced” at Alabama’s Best Practices February 13 in Birmingham.

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