All work and no play is something you’ll never hear that at Cullman Health & Rehab Center. In fact, this nursing home encourages its employees to laugh, have fun and play games. This unique approach to improving employee morale is why the center will present “All Work and More Play” at Alabama’s Best Practices 2017.

Cullman Health & Rehab Center’s leaders know they have dedicated staff members. Long-term care residents and short-term rehab patients receive the care they need. The center meets its health care quality goals. Things run smoothly each day. However, managers noticed a need to boost job satisfaction and build deeper relationships among employees.

The idea for this best practice came from the center’s National Nursing Home Week celebration. Dress-up days, friendly competitions and themed parties during National Nursing Home Week focus positive attention on the nursing home and provide encouragement to staff members. “All Work and More Play” takes the success of that week and creates similar events throughout the year.

If you visit the center, you might see a Battle of the Bands contest, Halloween Trunk-or-Treat or scavenger hunt. The variety and frequency of special events has boosted staff morale. The residents join in the fun by submitting ideas for competitions and participate on a team with employees.

We can’t wait to see what fun Cullman Health & Rehab Center brings to Alabama’s Best Practices when it presents “All Work and More Play” February 13 in Birmingham.

Click here for detailed information on how to implement Cullman Health & Rehab Center’s best practice in your nursing home.