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Christmas Gift Ideas for Nursing Home Residents

Santa is making a list and checking it twice. What about you? Are you working on a Christmas gift list? Do you need help selecting the perfect for gift for a friend or loved one who lives in a nursing home? Before you rush out the door or click over to your favorite shopping website, [...]

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Marking a Major Milestone on the Transformation Journey

It’s August 11, 2005. The hot summer sun is bearing down outside. Inside, a group of volunteers are gathered around a table. They’re concerned about the future of their organization. Finally, a leader speaks up and draws a figurative line in the sand. […]

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Recreating the past prepares a nursing home for the future

A year long journey to modernize a rural nursing home ended with a step back in time. Black and white tile floors, chrome chairs trimmed with teal colored vinyl, a juke box and a full-service soda fountain remind visitors of a simpler time. […]

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