Q & A with 2017 Activity & Social Service Auxiliary President Kim Allred

Kim Allred was elected as 2017 President of the Alabama Nursing Home Association’s Activity & Social Service Auxiliary.

After an 11-year career in banking, Allred joined Hanceville Nursing & Rehab Center in 2007 as an Activity Director. In 2010, she became the center’s Social Service Designee. Working alongside the Social Service Director, Allred specializes in handling the social service needs of the center’s long-term care residents. She and her husband, Dale, have been married for 25 years. They have two children and one grandchild.

ANHA recently sat down with Allred to discuss her plans for the Auxiliary in 2017.

ANHA: How does it feel to be elected president of the Auxiliary?

Allred: I’m honored to serve my peers. I’ve learned a lot serving on the board as a regional director and vice-president. The Auxiliary means so much to me because we share so much information. I’ve implemented a lot of it in the day-to-day practice at our center and it helps me do my job more effectively.

ANHA: What are your goals for 2017?

Allred: I would like to work with my peers to develop some creative ways to increase attendance at our activity and social service focused seminars. It is important to continue offering our professionals the opportunity to learn from the speakers and to network with their peers. Over the years, I’ve learned so much at our conventions that enabled me to return to our home and offer better care to our residents and patients.

ANHA: Why is it important for activity and social service professionals to receive continuing education?

Allred: If you stop learning, you stop growing. Our profession is constantly changing and we have so many changes happening every year. Without the ANHA helping us, I’m not sure we would be ready for what comes next. The Association is always ahead of the game on knowing what kinds of forms we need to use, policies that need to be written and helps us to be ready for surveys. Learning from the experiences of our peers in leadership helps us to better prepare for challenges in our own homes. I hope administrators continue to understand how important it is for activity and social directors to be able to attend seminars and the benefit from these opportunities.

ANHA: Why should activity and social service professional attend region meetings?

Allred: Attending regional meetings, enables us to receive important updates and information through the Regional Director from our Auxiliary. It’s a great opportunity to discuss challenges that arise in your daily work with your counterparts at other facilities. Many times, someone else has experienced the same thing and can offer advice that helps you.

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