Partnership Brings New Consumer Resources to Alabama

Is it time to begin planning for your long-term care needs? Do you need help talking to a loved one about changes in their health? The Alabama Nursing Home Association can help you find the answer.

The ANHA has partnered with the American Health Care Association and Care Conversations to offer the Care Kit Builder. Users will answer a series of questions, and get a personalized toolkit that connects them with resources in Alabama.

Users build their own Care Kit by answering a series of questions that gauge where they are in the long-term care process. From the responses, the tool will generate a personalized results page that connects users to relevant information that will help them make informed decisions about their care needs.

Regardless of where Alabama residents and their families are in the long-term care planning process, the Care Kit Builder can help them find greater peace of mind as they prepare for their future. Worry less about tomorrow by building the right plan today.

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