New Rehab Center Opens in Dothan

Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, formerly known as Wesley Manor, has officially opened The Rehab Inn, a newly constructed rehabilitation center for senior adults. The Rehab Inn is the first of its kind in Alabama, integrating a new model of care called the Household Model.

Private suite at The Rehab Inn at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle.

Private suite at The Rehab Inn at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle.

The Household Model mimics daily life at home, treating those in The Rehab Inn as guests. Each guest has a private suite and shares common areas such as a kitchen, living room, family-style dining room and more.

“The Rehab Inn brings a dimension to rehabilitation that is less clinical and more comparative to being in your home,” said Jeff Kirby, Administrator of Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. “Guests receive exceptional 24-hour a day attention that is needed during recovery, but it is done in an environment that looks and feels like home.”

Outside of scheduled therapies, guests have the freedom to choose how to spend their time, just as they would in their own homes. Staff members are there around the clock to help guests with whatever they need and to oversee their healing process.

Dining and nutrition are also very important to recovery, and The Rehab Inn staff accommodates guests’ dining and snacking preferences. Meals at The Rehab Inn can be prepared and cooked in the new kitchen and served to guests hanging around on the bar stools or seated at the family-style dining table, or anywhere a guest wishes to enjoy a meal.

Other improvements to the Wesley Place on Honeysuckle campus are being made as well, including an updated façade and interior renovations to many of the residences and common areas. All remaining renovations are scheduled to be completed by March 2017.

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