Difference Makers: Rotary Club Donation Improves Lives

Leonard Hinton recently attended a local Rotary Club meeting.

He had an important message to deliver on behalf of nursing home residents.

Hinton, a resident at Oak Trace Care & Rehab Center in Bessemer, told Bessemer Rotary Club members how their donation of 47 iPods was improving the lives of nursing home residents.

“I am here to thank you for the residents who can’t be here,” Hinton said. “Several people wanted you to know they love their music.”

Oak Trace resident Leonard Hinton speaks to the Bessemer Rotary Club.

Oak Trace resident Leonard Hinton speaks to the Bessemer Rotary Club.

The iPods used for Music and Memory, a program that helps people with Alzheimer’s, dementia or physical challenges to reconnect with the world through music triggered memories. Each iPod is programmed with songs tailored to an individual’s musical tastes and that were popular when they were younger. Listening to the music helps the person relax, become more talkative or physically active.

“This shows live can be changed when nursing homes partner with local civic groups,” Oak Trace Administrator Trina Vines said. “We are seeing very real and positive results from the residents who use these iPods.”

Oak Trace is a certified Music and Memory home and several staff member are certified Music and Memory specialists.

As a long-time Rotarian and a member of the Bessemer club, Vines is especially appreciative of this donation.

“I’m so proud Bessemer Rotary partnered with us to make this very special program available to so many of our residents,” Ms. Vines added.

The Alabama Nursing Home Association thanks the members of the Bessemer Rotary Club. They are Difference Makers because their generous donation is improving the lives of the residents at Oak Trace.

Click here for more information about Oak Trace’s presentation on Music and Memory at Alabama’s Best Practices 2014.

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