Celebrating 65 Years of Leading the Way

The Alabama Nursing Home Association is celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2016. The theme, 65 Years of Leading the Way, acknowledges ANHA’s leadership in improving Alabama’s long-term health care services.

Throughout 2016, ANHA will highlight the many ways its members have been at the forefront of the long-term care profession and how they continue to set the pace in today’s ever changing health care climate.

Founded in 1951, ANHA is the oldest and largest long-term health care association in Alabama. Currently, the association represents 93% of Alabama’s skilled nursing care centers and has one or more member centers in each of the state’s 67 counties.

“This organization was established because our founders thought we could accomplish more by working together,” ANHA Chairman Frank Brown said. “They were correct. Over the years, we’ve accomplished a lot and made a difference in the lives of nursing home residents and their employees.”

Recent accomplishments include a campaign ANHA led in 2012 called “Keep Alabama Working.” It resulted in passage of a constitutional amendment to provide funds to support the Alabama’s General Fund Budget. In 2015, ANHA spearheaded the “Stand Tall Alabama” initiative which resulted in full funding for the Alabama Medicaid Agency. Also in 2015, ANHA supported the Alabama Legislature’s effort to reform Medicaid’s long-term care services and the creation of the Integrated Care Network Program.

“Our recent campaigns were successful because all of our members were engaged and working toward the same goal,” Brown said. “We’ll continue to ‘lead the way’ as long as we remain united in our effort to provide high quality, compassionate health care to Alabamians who need it most.”

The association will use its website, anha.org, to tell the unique stories of its members and highlight ANHA’s positive impact on their ability to care for nursing home residents. While 2016 will serve as a time of reflection, the association won’t be resting on its laurels.

“It’s more important to be a member now than at any point in our history,” Brown said. “The Alabama Medicaid Agency is going through a process to reform long-term care services. On the federal level, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are proposing sweeping changes to how nursing homes operate. We’ll have to work together if we are to meet these and other challenges that lie ahead.”

Information and stories related to ANHA’s 65th anniversary will posted at anha.org/leading.

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