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National Skilled Nursing Care Week is a Time We Must All Appreciate

By: Conwell Hooper There is not a better time of year to kick off Skilled Nursing Care Week than Mother’s Day! This is a week where we can recognize the extraordinary stories and events that transpire every day in the lives of our older Americans and those with disabilities. […]

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Foley Leaders Celebrate Nursing Home’s History, Quality Care Achievement

Under sunny skies and large live oak trees, citizens of Foley beamed with hometown pride. They told stories of how town leaders several decades before them had a vision of providing health care services to what was then a sleepy, small town. […]

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Dentist, Life-long Shelby County Resident Receives Special Honor

The people living in Alabama’s nursing homes played important roles in building the communities we call home. They worked hard, raised their family and gave of their time and treasure. They’re rarely recognized for the difference they made in countless lives. That’s why what recently happened at one nursing home is worth celebrating. […]

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