Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant Profile Stories


Stories of contestants in the Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant.

Right Where She Wants to Be

This is not Nellie Berry’s first experience with a nursing home…or her second. This is her third experience and she doesn’t want to be anywhere else. […]

Improving Health, Quality of Life

After caring for a large family for so many years, Sylvia Holland needed someone to take care of her increasing medical needs. […]

From Working In a Nursing Home to Living in One

Dorothy Gainey worked in nursing homes and other health care settings for more than 50 years. Now, she’s a nursing home resident. “I have never worked with more dedicated and caring employees than those in the health care profession,” Dorothy said. “Now those caring professionals are taking care of me.” […]

Finding Hope in Trying Times

Some of the challenges Kathy Hawkins faced in life made her want to give up. However, each time she felt like letting go, God sent someone to help her carry on. […]

Growing, Giving Back Regardless of Your Age

Lydia Guthrie has accomplished a lot in her 79 years of life and shows no signs of slowing down while living in a nursing home. “Living at this nursing home has helped me grow as an individual,” […]

Taking Steps on a Remarkable Journey

A north Alabama woman had traveled the world, but couldn’t take her next step until she moved to a nursing home. At 77 years old, Elizabeth Penn thought she had reached the end of the road. Numerous doctors and therapists had all but given up on her walking again. […]

Finding a Purpose

We all need a purpose in life. Something that drives us to make the world around us a better place. A Shoals area woman recently found a new purpose in life after moving to a nursing home. […]

Relying on Faith and Family

Faith and family are most important things in Freddie Harkness’ life. She’s able to pursue those passions while living at Cherokee County Health & Rehab Center in Centre. […]

A Personality in Full Bloom

Freddie Douglas finds beauty in everything around her. In flowers, pictures, waterfalls and most importantly friends. She’s found all of those things and more at her home for the past two years, Birmingham Nursing & Rehab Center. […]

Finding a Place to Belong

Moving to Albertville Nursing Home Rehab Select is just what Mildred Goss needed. “I used to live at home by myself,” Mildred said. “Now that I’m here and have so many friends, […]